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Sun Phoenix Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Headquarters

1F Eiko Bldg., 1-54 Kandajinbo-cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan 101-0051


Kawasaki Office

Rooms No. 204 and 308, KCT Bldg., 92 Higashi-ohgishima, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref., Japan 210-0869


General Contact

Phone: 03-3291-3187
Fax: | 03-3293-5432

Yokohama Customs

Customs clearance license, Kawasaki, No. 1066
Bonded storage license, No. 103


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Pre-export Inspections

Pre-export Inspections

The type and procedure of inspection necessary for export of used cars depend on the destination country. Please contact us for details.

Click here for information on our MAF inspection service.

We offer MAF inspection service for export to New Zealand.

Please bring the cars for export to one of the SPX yards and provide us with the invoice, the instruction paper to create B/L (shipping instructions), and the certificate of temporally registration cancellation for export. Then we will complete the rest, such as preparation of a vanning plan, container ship arrangements, customs clearance for export, loading cargo to containers, and transportation to the departure port.

List of pre-export inspections by the destination

Some countries require exporters of used cars to complete the pre-export inspection before they are imported to that country. Customers who are planning to export used cars to such countries must complete the required pre-export inspection. Then please bring the cars to one of our  SPX yards.

Destination/Inspection institute EAA INTERTEK JAAI JEVIC QISJ VCA Notes
SRI LANAKA            
TANZANIA         Either of EAA or JAAI will be required.
KENYA         Either of JEVIC or QISJ will be required.
UGANDA         Either of EAA or JEVIC will be required.
NEW ZEALAND(MAF)            

Note: The names of the inspection agencies are presented in the alphabetical order for convenience sake.