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Sun Phoenix Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Headquarters

1F Eiko Bldg., 1-54 Kandajinbo-cho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan 101-0051


Kawasaki Office

Rooms No. 204 and 308, KCT Bldg., 92 Higashi-ohgishima, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref., Japan 210-0869


General Contact

Phone: 03-3291-3187
Fax: | 03-3293-5432

Yokohama Customs

Customs clearance license, Kawasaki, No. 1066
Bonded storage license, No. 103


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Car Carrier Services

Car Carrier Services

Sun Phoenix is a specialist of used car export and international freight forwarding services. We can meet a variety of customers' needs, such as necessary processes for export, as well as booking of freight.

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One-stop service from booking of car carriers to customs clearance, lading and B/L issue

Sun Phoenix offers not only car loading and customs clearance services but also services that meet customer demands, including booking of the ideal vessel, cleaning of cars, executing of pre-export inspections, handling of application forms and providing related consultations.

Flow from lading to issue of B/L

Carrying your cars for export to the SPX (Sun Phoenix) yard

When you are ready to start the export process, please transport your cars for export to one of the SPX yards. Then, refer to our sailing schedule, and contact us to make a booking of cargo space for your cars. Once your shipping schedule is determined, submit the following documents to us.

  • Shipping Instructions
  • Invoice
  • Copy of the certificate of temporally registration cancellation for export or the export certificate (please confirm the expiration date) (Please submit the original document as well.)

Sun Phoenix will check the state, damages and accessories of your vehicles carried to the SPX yard, and record them in our inventory list. At the same time, we will start the process of customs clearance for export and other necessary arrangements.

Pre-export inspections

MAF inspection
Click here for the MAF inspection needed for export to New Zealand.

Some countries require exporters to complete the designated inspections prior to filing an export declaration.
When mud or other foreign material is present on the car body or tires, or plants or seeds are found inside a car at customs in the destination country, customs clearance may not be permitted. Or, costs for cleaning or disinfecting may incur, leading to complaints or claims from the importer. Therefore, your cars must be cleaned sufficiently before exporting.

Upon the request from customers, Sun Phoenix will perform car cleaning and/or inspection services at the SPX yard.

Currently, we are not providing any inspection services for cargo for export to countries in Africa. Please contact our sales representative for details and prices of our agency services.

Export customs clearance

Customers need to prepare an invoice, which must include information such as the type of car, vehicle identification number, model year, type of fuel (gasoline or diesel) and engine displacement.
The customs inspection may take some time. So, please reserve cargo space considering the time until customs clearance is complete. In particular, when the contract is on FOB basis and the buyer has designated the ship, customers need to make sure that customs clearance is finished by its departure date.

If any devices other than standard accessories and equipment are present inside a car or in the trunk, it would be in violation of Customs Law. This may lead to the cancelation of export permission of the used car. For example, when a car stereo is provided free of charge separately (not installed), you need to write that information in the invoice, like "Car stereo 1 piece ¥1,000 (No Value)."
On the day following the day of the ship's departure, we will issue to the customer a bill that includes information such as the departure date of the vessel, destination, details of the car(s), ocean freight and shipping charges.

Lading, departure and issue of bill of lading (B/L)

bill of lading

When you have received a bill from us, please make payment. Usually, we ask our customers to make full payment no later than seven (7) business days after the day of the ship's departure.

When your payment is confirmed, we will issue to you a bill of lading (B/L). (At the same time, we will return to you the certificate of temporally registration cancellation for export or the export certificate that we have received from you at the time of export declaration, as well as the export permit.)

Note: B/L cannot be reissued. So please take special care to prevent loss or damage.

Refund of recycling charges

In order to claim refund of recycling charges, submit the following documents to JARC.

  • Application form for refund of recycling deposit, etc.
  • Copy of the certificate of temporally registration cancellation for export or the export certificate
  • Copy of the export permit (the vehicle identification number must be included)
  • Copy of B/L (the vehicle identification number must be included)

Used car exporters can use the online processing feature by registering themselves with the vehicle recycling system, and the charge for refund procedure will be lowered.


Please inquire about routes or freight charges not included in the sailing schedule at the following.

General contact, Tokyo Headquarters Person in charge: Kajiwara

Phone: 03-3291-3187 Fax: 03-3293-5432

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